Friday, January 20, 2012


And winter is here...cold--shivering cold. We provide extra straw for our goats and a little space heater for our barn cats. We pull out our quilts, turn the heat up an extra degree or two, and lay low. Motivation goes into hibernation. Winter is here..and those in warmer places wonder why we live where we do...I wonder the same on days like this. I think of filling up our car with goats & cats and just driving until we feel the sun again. Picturing little goat heads hanging out the side windows of our red KIA will keep me warm tonight. How about you...warm or does January find you?


Barb said...

I've been knitting on a sock today trying to keep warm. The wood stove can't seem to keep up so I've been keeping a hot water bottle close by, wearing two layers of socks (hand knit, naturally) and have had a handmade shawl around my shoulders. I was wearing my fingerless gloves but wool on wool just didn't slide enough for me. Actually, I'm usually not this bad...may be coming down with a bug.....ish.

Not hard at all to see you and your goats & kitties heading out to warmer climes....:O).

Jani said...

The cold finds me cranky and sad so I bundle up the Littles and we go out and play in the snow. You have to smile watching them make snow angels, and shoveling the same patch of sidewalk over and over and .... I suck up some of their enthusiam for the season and it seems to help.

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