Friday, January 13, 2012

stack up

On my "I adore list" are vintage boxes.

Created with such detail...
from the outside covering to the inside lining
-- each with the sweetest clasp & hinges you might ever cross paths with.

This stack includes checkered, striped, and floral.

Precious floral boxes.

And here are my faded red velvet boxes...adorable!
These lay in wait for Valentine's Day.

When I find one, it comes home with me.

What is on your "must adopt" list?


Shady Grove Farm said...

Rolling pins. I have a really hard time passing them by. There are so many different handles, colors, shapes, and sizes...I wonder who used them to make fabulous pies or rolled-out cookies.


Kari from Meadowview Farm said...

I do understand a love of rolling pins...I have a spatter ware bucket filled with them in my kitchen. I am especially smitten with red, green & blue handles.

Cheryl in Wisconsin said...

Old house parts, or it may be more eloquently referred to as "architectural salvage".

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