Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Secrets of an old house....

I live in a very old house....and sometimes, I make the decision
that little "cosmetic fixes" are the best means to the end.
For instance
In this picture, there was a seam line between the lower
wall and the wallpaper - a chair rail wouldn't work.....
So -- hot glue gun and vintage lace to the rescue!

This will work until the day when we have a cash surplus and can
indeed redo the walls in an HGTV kind of way (insert "sure, when pigs fly" here)
until then,
 vintage lace it is.

works for me....


Cheryl in Wisconsin said...

I like it, that kind of thing creates the unique-ness of houses.

I don't mean to be negative here, but HGTV's focus recently seems to be "conform conform conform". Personally, I am much more impressed with homes that reflect the owner's own flair. That is why the blogosphere is so valuable. I can find much more true inspiration in creativity here than on HGTV. THEY should be coming to YOU, Kari.

Kari from Meadowview Farm said...

Cheryl...I so agree. I do love individuality in homes. Has to express who we are-- not the current "rules" or trends...but our very own personality.

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