Tuesday, April 28, 2015

sometimes I feel like an old goat....

And then just when I make that analogy, I arrive home to
our little herd of goats...and Ralphie barrels across the 
pasture to me.  He kicks up his heals as if the world is only 
delight...and he begs a treat as only his little goatness can.
And I am reminded that old goats are sweet & good & kind.

Maybe feeling just a tad like an old goat is a good thing!

Sunday, April 19, 2015


Dave & I traveled to our first flea market of the year on 
Saturday....I was thrilled to be on the hunt for farm related 
items.  When I spotted this cow, I about "moo-d".  You 
often see these hung on the side of old barns, and I 
have always admired their folk art charm.  

We were tickled to drive home with Bessie in our backseat!

Friday, April 10, 2015

such blue

Sometimes no words are even needed.

Saturday, April 4, 2015

happy bunny day

Sending many wishes your way for a lovely Easter!  

From my Easter box collection...I do marvel at their charm!

The one above held 120 rabbits!

Love vintage postcards too!

Have a joyous holiday!

Thursday, April 2, 2015

charm is charm & sweet is sweet

I often think how it might be so much easier to not have all
my sweet holiday & seasonal collections...to not add & change
my home's feel multiple times a year.  I think that I should pick
a number ~~ say 10, and then only have that many items for 
each celebration.  

And then I look about, at all my dear, sweet, charmers
that join me at different times of the year...how I would 
miss them all.

So, instead I think about converting the space over our 
summer kitchen into storage for all my dear hearts.  This 
space was once a home for hired workers on this farm...
now it is insulated and empty and closed.  What if I added
open shelves and could "shop" my own vintage collection?
What if I didn't have to pack & put away.  What if all my 
littles simply lived in their own room at the top of the stairs,
waiting for their turn to rotate into the farm's other rooms?

Then my mom's floral teapot and adorable sugar & creamer 
would have their turn.  And ducks, frogs & bunnies galore 
would not have a number, just a continued space in this 
heart of mine.  I like that idea so much better....because, 
truly, in the land of Kari ~~ more is indeed more.  And sweet
is sweet....and charm is charm.

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