Monday, April 18, 2011


Let's say the Antique World created a new rule --
you can only collect one thing

What would it be?

Now no cheating --
you have to be somewhat limiting in your answer.

For me...
I adore these German Steiff mohair rabbits from the 1940s/1950s.
Flown all the way to me from Germany.
Sweet sweet children's toys.

Now -- since I make my "blog rules" -- we each get one "But".
This is the second item -- our "but I have to collect this too".

My new "but..." would be:
Charming little cups with birds on them.
Adore these too!

So, what is your one item you just
have to collect and your "but..." - second item??


Barb said...

At this very moment in time it would be:
1) Cute teapots
But) Tea cups

"But" that could all change tomorrow. :O)

Jani said...

Tole painted and rosemalled wooden items.
but.... things from my childhood that hold happy memories, the readers I learned to read in, the holiday knick knacks that had so much meaning.
I'm very glad there's no such rule!

Cheryl in Wisconsin said...

First: enormously heavy and hard-to-cart-around ornate ironwork.

But: ornate silver pieces.

I've got a bit of a metal thing going on.

Diane said...

o my gosh, antique or not it would have to be books. If I could stack books up to the ceiling I would be happy. Love the smell when walking into a used book store. That old musty, worn, well read, much loved smell of books. The old illustrations, the worn edges on the covers. Makes me smile. BUT, I also enjoy jars. The things you can put in them are limitless. Can you ever have too many jars?

Kari from Meadowview Farm said...

Oh I am loving these answers. I am at a training in Stevens Point all this week -- no time to antique, so love to daydream with you all.

Kelly Whitman said...
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Anonymous said...

Eeek! So hard to decide;

I would collect photography props (haha ok so thats not ONE item , but a group of items ;) )

ok ok..

1.) Old windows ..I LOVE love re-purposing old windows for so many things! {Photo frames, decor, etc)

2.) Heart Shaped Rocks-not antiques, but I love them :)

pat said...

Love the old toys... so Schuco windup birds...but windup little dogs from Japan also make me crazy.. and ... yes,the Steiff bunnies's difficult.

Stephanie said...

I have two- Depression and Milk glass pieces and teacups!

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