Thursday, April 3, 2014

losing my patience

I have tucked little nods to spring
here & there....through my home.

But just when it feels like it is here,
Mother Nature changes her mind.

So I pass Tundra Swans, stopping on their 
migration north to rest in a field...and robins
back & weary from flight.  And I want to 
say to them, "be patient", but I can't.

This never ending winter is just getting old.
Tonight we get snow, again.  Not as much as
our neighbors to the north & west, but enough
to make driving a head ache and make me want 
to just throw my hands in the air.

My spirit feels tired, my patience is worn thin.


Barb said...

Oh Kari.....lots of virtual hugs being sent your way.

We are not on the "snow list" this go-round but the dreary, gray, windy, dark days take their toll! The poor robins are all hunkered down in the orchard and looking quite depressed. The henners were happy that I turned their heat lamp on again tonight. I thought we were done with all that. Sigh.....patience, indeed!

Primitive Stars said...

Dear Friend, I am also tired of this long winter with all the snow,it is falling as I comment now, Oh Bother, Blessings Francine.

NanaDiana said...

It is cold and miserable here, too. We had freezing rain here last night. I think we are all winter weary and starting to lose patience with it all. I am beginning to think Winter will never end. xo Diana

Artful Gathering said...

We all seem to be sick of this nasty winter. I need Sun! Hang in there ladies warmer days are coming!
Hugs Kari.

Barb said...

So???? How is your patience today???? How much snow have you gotten this morning. I talked to my Dave and he said the trees were all bent over and he had already lost some branches. No snow here but cloudy, cold and windy. Bleh!

Kari from Meadowview Farm said...

I am pretending it is sunny & warm outside...even as I hear the sleet hitting my windows! I shall ignore all the rudeness falling from the sky and carried on the north wind!

June said...

Hang on tight sweetie---it will come sometime (I hope). You really have had a winter! We, on the other hand have had almost no snow to speak of. It's been such a weird year everywhere. We did get a few inches about four days ago...enough to give our very dry a earth a good drink and then it was gone...just like I like snow to do :)))
I love that you came by and left me a note. Made my day!!!!
sending hugs...

Jani said...

You my friend, are not alone.

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