Saturday, April 16, 2011 last

The winds didn't ease until this winter surpise returned last night.
It now feels peaceful -- not undone as it has
since the tornado last Sunday.

Friday we worked. 
My son, Ian, arrived, neighbor Rodney arrived,
 chainsaw sounds across the farm.
Before the backyard tree was totally down,
 I touched the bark of this beautiful 60+ year old tree
& thanked her for her shade
 & for taking the brunt of the winds to spare the rest of the farm.

From my last picture a post below, to this...

We still have several trees to remove in the orchard,
but we are getting there.
Repair around the farm will be the next step.

So far, we have filled this dumpster from Rodney twice with debris.

And let me share - Ian made the jump up
 into the dumpster with ease.
Pulling around branches,
stomping them down to make more room.
After he left to make his 2.5 hour trip back to his place,
 Dave & I both tried to just get up into the dumpster
...not a pretty sight.
At one point, I climbed a tree stump like a ladder,
Dave got to pushing me upward,
I got to laughing.

Laughter is good.  Faith is good.  Resilience is good.
Finally, all is calm at Meadowview Farm.


Stephanie said...

Glad to see you are safe - Did you see the damage to the Stensen's? I think the house is a wind break; the storms hop right over you!

Artful Gathering said...

Glad all is well......have a peaceful weekend....

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