Thursday, December 9, 2010

Be Nice...

"You better watch out, you better not cry, you better not pout,
I'm telling you why...
Santa Claus is coming to town."

As a child, my family celebrated Christmas in a pretty traditional way.
(the little santa above is from my childhood)
I can still remember going thru the list above to make sure I was following all the rules...
Most important to be good, be nice.
After all, I had Santa watching.
And then we would add the nativity set --- so that sweet little baby in the manger was
likely keeping an eye on me too.
Really better be good.

Don't you just wish, don't you just want at the top of all of our
wish lists for that rule to apply all year.
Be Nice...
Better be good.

Oh my, if we could just offer compassion, understanding, empathy --
if we could just give a little more when there feels like nothing is left,
what a great place we would live in.

And so I resurrected a past post: "On doves & peace & kindness"
as a reminder.  This has been on my mind, weighing heavy on my heart for some time.

There is enough blame & judgement & anger in this world, let's offer
a truce --- an olive branch.

Be Nice...thanks!

I want a bumper sticker, a shirt, a tattoo, a yard sign, a pin that says that.

Maybe I just need to start me a movement...

Be Nice, pass it on....


Kari from Meadowview Farm said...

What more can I do?
That is the question I ask.
I can open the door for someone with their arms full.
I can keep my bird feeder full in the winter months.
I can offer a smile to a child stuck in a cart in the midst of shopping chaos.
I can donate an extra blanket, mittens, socks to someone without shelter.
I can provide pet food to a humane society.
I can give just a bit more -- in a way that works for me...

I can do more...I can.

Be nice, pass it on.

Barb said...

Your blog's title today made me smile. I am constantly saying that to my animals here when they start to get testy with each other. "Be Nice" gets said many times a day.

Life is much easier when we can Be Nice to everyone and everything we encounter in a day.

Thanks for the reminder that it is important.

Simply Iowa said...

Hi Kari!
Oh Dear... What a Wonderful World it would be... If... We'd all be a bit more kind, to each other... I guess... if... you try...and I try...well... I think, maybe... It could be a new trend...
Thanks for reading my crazy blog.... LOVED your Comment... You are a real Gem!
My Love to Ya!
Barb C.

Kari from Meadowview Farm said...

To "be nice" makes a difference - really.
Although I couldn't quite be nice on WPR Thursday morning on my way to work. Joy had a guest, fine person, but with one of those points of view that made my head spin. I was able to be the last on-air comment -- tried to offer kindness, sometimes it is hard...just know that I left both Joy & the guest without words. Oh well, he wasn't being nice about someone I care about -- so I said so....called him out.

Anyway -- Barb & Barb C. -- thanks for your kind comments. You both are so gifted with words, that your little package of them placed "under my tree" is priceless.

"Be Nice" sounds so meager -- such a little, almost bland request -- but I do believe it is a lost art in the lives of many. I hold it right up there with personal responsibility -- we need to "own what is ours" & then offer a hand when we can & without any hidden agendas.


Nan said...

Your words always inspire me and touch my heart.
Thank you!

Jani said...

I can't remember where I was, rather recently, but there was a sign hanging there saying "Be Nice or Leave". I loved it!

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