Saturday, December 4, 2010


And so it shall be!

My living room theme this year for the holidays.

A little silver.
A bit of gold.
A dash of rusty patina.
Off white.
Stir it all together.

There is that jar of my favorite number tacks - twinkling just so.

If you peak out the window...
nature added some white to the theme this morning.

What inspires your decorating this holiday season?


Anonymous said...

Well to get in the mood I could use some of your "white" outside stuff. That usually gets me going. This year I'm into a "sheet music" theme. Made a wreath and trees using vintage "sheet music". Also looking at some ornaments out of the same. "Do you hear what I hear?" LuAnn

Kari from Meadowview Farm said...

"Joy to the World" - love your theme. I have been thinking about sheet music as of late, too. Thinking old pages might be a fabulous room border.
Can't send snow your way -- but do send my best.

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