Tuesday, June 3, 2014

sorting, organizing, prioritizing

As a kid, I honed my organizational skills by sorting out 
our lazy susan full of spices, dad's tackle box and mom's jewelry.
I loved that my parents were always O.K. with this.  
Didn't matter that they might not find the cinnamon or that favorite pin
in the spot they had placed it last.  Their Kari was redoing their order,
sorting & establishing a new placement~~a new system.
I think I learned to not even ask, unloading & reorganizing the outside
storeroom or the medicine cabinet when the mood struck.  I needed
to empty it all out then put it all back.  

Such is life, we sift through stuff all the time....setting this aside, letting
go of that, establishing new order.  
I have learned, with time, to be less tidy with my systems.  
Like a Magpie, gathering pretties to line my nest may feel more cluttered than orderly.
Yet it is always with intent: this here, that there. Keep, keep, keep, let go.
Such is life.

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