Friday, June 13, 2014

morning has broken

One of my favorite features of our farmhouse
are the floor to ceiling windows.  We have three 
such windows in our bedroom.  And living in
the country, curtains are just for framing the view.

We typically do not need an alarm to wake us,
daylight does the job quite well.  There is no better way
to greet a new day than sunlight streaming in.  
Now, mind you, a cup of coffee helps too!

Happy Friday!  Happy weekend!


Primitive Stars said...

Morning Kari, lovely picture, so soothing. Love to let the light in, Blessings Francine.

kimmykats said...

Marly our Lab loves our long windows...he sits with chin on windowsill gazing at what he would like to mornings are the best!

Robin at The Primitive Hutch said...

and a beautiful view too ~ I bet!
Blessings to You!

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