Monday, September 12, 2011


17% up this year -- that is what they say about apple production.  And, one look at our little orchard confirms this.  Several of our trees have branches so laden with apples, we have to prop them with "I mean business" pieces of wood.  Mowing the orchard under heavy branches becomes a riding mower version of doing the Limbo.  And just keeping up with the tree fall apples takes care of any need for toe touches or squats. 
All of our tree fall apples are taken in wheelbarrows to the edge of our driveway - they become our community donation.  Given to an Elk Reserve, a chicken farmer, a pie maker, or for the deer.  It is with a mix of joy & pride that we watch a car or truck stop at the end of our farm drive to take apples in the boxes, bags or truck bed that awaits.  They wave with a "thanks"...for our apples.

Do you look forward to orchard fresh apples
 at this time of the year?


Kari from Meadowview Farm said...

O.K. Cheryl...this goat story is for you...may write a post about this later.

Ralphie is being so food crazy lately, that if it wasn't for his barrel shape, one would think we never fed him. I decided to cut up some apples for the goats. Taffy & Little Moo were gracious and gentle eaters, Charlie sort of good, Ralphie -- mad man on a crazed quest to get ALL the apple slices. I may just need to provide a little "Goal Manners" course for the Ralphie boy. May just have to.

Kari from Meadowview Farm said...

Of course meant to say "Goat Manners" -- but "Goal Manners" works too. Ralphie sets his off sided eye on the goal, but needs some help getting there in a more kindly manner. I do think that can be expected of even a goat.

You should see my bruises from just taking hay out to the little naughty ones.

Cheryl in Wisconsin said...

ahahahahaha! It sounds like apples are Ralphie's passion. He was just so excited!

Jani said...

On Friday morning I'll be taking the Littles to Door Creek Orchard where we will pick a bag full of apples to bring back and make into applesauce. Nothing says FALL like the cinnamon scent of applesauce on the stove. Love it!

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