Thursday, March 17, 2011

lessons learned

So, here are some things I've learned at this farm:
  • A good pair of boots are essential
  • Hay is not the same as straw
  • Walking out to the barn can ease your mind
  • Pigeons love silos
  • The sky just seems larger
  • And the life of a barn cat is measured in months, not years....
Farewell Pumpkin -- we will miss your joy -- you were an exclamation mark.
You were Dave's most special boy.


Kari from Meadowview Farm said...

Mark this day, that is what my mom would do...the first robin of spring. So, three spotted today on my way back from a business trip to Stevens Point...and then there was my Pumpkin, laying along the road's edge. He wasn't the robin I sought, but I also watch for this as I near home (it is a fact of farm life).

It is all mixed up together, isn't it...bitter & sweet. We need to not take anything for granted. And, I know it is just a small cat I grieve for, but loss is loss, and feelings are feelings. And when they are pure & sincere --- one truly knows they have had something very very sweet.

Bittersweet...and so is this good bye. Will truly truly miss him -- he almost saw spring -- but truly, his little heart was always filled to the brim with "summer".


Barb said...

So Sorry! I've grieved so for all my beloved companions that have left me. But they are always close in my heart. I went through pictures many "pet" memories.

I am offering a virtual shoulder for you to cry on and lots and lots of comforting hugs.

He looked like such a sweet little guy.


Cheryl in Wisconsin said...

Owwww, my heart breaks. I have met these cats, I have a personal connection with them. Rest in peace, sweet Pumpkin.

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