Thursday, March 10, 2011

Hope - where are you?

If you could hear my voice carried on the wind,
it would be,
"Hope, Hope - where are you Hope?"

The irony of it -- calling out to hope,
looking for hope in the corners of a barn...
watching the sides of the road, praying to not find her there.

My Hope, my momma barn cat, has been missing since Saturday.
Her 5 babies are left wondering & waiting for her return.
This is the longest she has been away.

Hope, are you there?
Hope, will you return?
Hope...I am looking for you, waiting.
This time, I shed less tears...

You see, Hope arrived at our farm lost & lonely - afraid of human touch.
She left loved. 
And in the process she did gift us with...well, hope.

So, she is not gone, but tucked away in my heart & soul.
Hope will always have a home here.

Evening of 3/10 --- Addendum:
5 days away...and then there she was -- waiting in the barn, glad to be home
Hope springs eternal.
Hope is also likely "with child" -- thinking the gal was out on the town.
One more litter.
Ah, Hope -- can't live without her.
Glad to have that in my life.


kimmykats said...

So sorry Kari, this has happend to us this winter too so I know of your thoughts. I am like you..they show up afraid of love but in the end know love and leave us knowing what love from a human is about.

Cheryl in Wisconsin said...

Keeping my fingers crossed....

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

I hope you find your Hope. Our one chicken we've had for awhile now has come up missing. I've looked and looked for her but I think maybe a wild animal might have gotten to her? Isn't it funny how animals shape our hearts and lives. I have 5 cats so I understand your love for them.

Jani said...

I'm hoping for the best outcome for you.. but...... she'll leave a lasting impression. Aren't you glad you had her?

Barb said...

I read your post with tears welling up in my eyes. Then.....I took a deep breath of relief! Such a good way to end the day. Hope is Back....wonderful.

Prior said...

So happy! Lezlee

Kari from Meadowview Farm said...

We have this chair in the barn --- a cushion under it and on it...wrapped in a blanket and set in front of a little space heater. That is where I found my Hope -- snuggled in, happy to see me. Picked her up and thanked her for coming home.

Thanks to all of you also. Such kindness...that indeed brings hope my way too!

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