Saturday, March 26, 2011

Saturday at Auction

My supplies for an auction on a cold day like today:

Warmest mittens -- check
Double socks -- check
Sorels -- check
Coffee mug -- check
Auction number --check

Spending a Saturday at Auction!
How do you do an auction?
  1. Arrive at least 30 minutes prior to the auction start time to preview what is for sale.  You are buying it "as is" -- so know what you might be bidding on.  If there are "box lots" (a box of items sold together) take a look at what is in each box.
  2. Get your number -- for this, you will need your driver's license.  Check to see if there is any "buyer's fee" -- that is an additional amount/percentage you will pay if you win an item. 
  3. When an item comes up that you are interested in, plan how high you will go -- and jump in.  To place a bid - raise your number.  Once you make your initial "notice of intent" -- the auctioneer will follow your head nod or shake to see if you are still in it.  Most auctions move in $5.00 increments--and don't worry, scratching your head will not be considered a bid.
  4. If you win an item - write it down on your card -- that way you know how much you are spending --- easy to forget if you spend a bit of time at auction.  Generally they will give you the item right away to stash at your feet or near by.
So, what did we get?
Hint: see that galvanized container of signs in the middle of the picture -- that is at my feet.

Are you an Auction Aficionado?


Artful Gathering said...

I hope you had fun and brought home alot of treasures!

Kari from Meadowview Farm said...

Should add to my list...Sunscreen!
Unfortunately I have my first sunburn of the year -- even though most of my face was covered with my hood or scarf or sunglasses ...
5 hours looking into the sun will take a toll.

Barb said...

Many years ago we attended an auction in Augusta at the old Wood Shed. We had a friend with us who had never been to an auction before. He became so excited about a huge two piece hutch that he wanted that he kept punching his number up into the air and we realized that it was happening so quickly that he was bidding against himself!! We had to do a bit of coaching and tell him to calm down. He did eventually win his prize. Whew. That was hard on all of us. :O)

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