Sunday, July 7, 2013

every story should have a happy ending

And so it sweet August Rose became a house kitten.
She came inside last week, my two inside boys have been such gentle souls with her.

This house is a castle to her after over 6 weeks of confinement.  And, I must admit, her sweet kitty manners have surpassed all expectations.  She has found little nap spots, plays with such joy and has gotten along just fine with all my gatherings.  It even took her two days to discover that there was indeed a second floor.

She is sweet beyond measure, laying behind me on the love seat as I write, purring.

What began with a terrible accident at the end of May, has become our own little Cinderella story...and in this story, they lived happily ever after.


Primitive Stars said...

Evening Kari, she is a pretty princess for sure.....glad a happy ending to the story, and that she is a house cat.....makes a home a little more cozy with a kitty curled up somewhere......Summer Blessings Francine.

June said...

Oh she is a lucky, lucky girl Kari! and so darn cute too!

mary scott said...

I love you for taking such good (& I know at considerable expense) care of this sweet kitten. You have earned more stars in heaven for your kindness. If I did not live in TX, I would adopt 1 of your sweet kittens. The best cat I ever had was a barn cat's baby. I had him for just short of 21 years before he succumbed to kidney failure. Thank you, Mary

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