Wednesday, October 23, 2013

today I write thank you notes

How touched can I be by such kindness?

Of course, Dave just loves this gift!

From my sweet Jani, Nan & Sarah (aka The Barn Cats)...
Box filled to the rim with thoughtful goodness.  

Little girl from Sarah at my office...such joy.

Handmade pun-kin guy from Marie, (aka Old Lady Morgan).

Gorgeous hand crocheted lap blanket in Autumn colors left at my 
Office by a teacher I work with.....Deb, it is beautiful!

A sweet bluebird salt gifted to me at the Barn Sale by Judy.

A charming kaleidoscope left on my porch by sweet Jeannine from Chicago.

An orchid from my kind friends at Satellite in Madison.

A pink rose left at the hospital by my college roommate, Darlene.

Just a bouquet of all the most recent thoughtful gifts.
And that doesn't include all the emails and cards or gifts received earlier in this journey.

I cannot say enough times that although illness brings such worry & change....
it also brings forth such rich blessings.  What I have learned from my friends, from past & present coworkers, from neighbors near & far, from my Kindergarten friends to my college roommate, from my first co-teacher,  to my sisters....both in blood & spirit, is that I am so lucky, so lucky.

Each day I feel better.  Each day I feel stronger.  You lift me up.

And today I write thank you notes.

All my love,  Kari
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