Monday, April 9, 2012


not quite, but almost time...
my favorite green house opens this Saturday,
and I simply can't wait!

I will buy pansies & pansies & pansies.

All these sweet little faces will greet me all about the farm.

So -- what favorite flower are you counting the days until?


Jeannine said...

Are you willing to mention the name and location of your favorite greenhouse? As a person who is not from the area but makes trips periodically to the Augusta area and beyond I am interested in knowing a worthwhile place to find plants to bring back home with me. I have noticed that you usually have lovely plants accenting many of your displays during your sales. Regards, Jeannine

Kari from Meadowview Farm said...

I simply adore Chippewa Valley Growers in Altoona on Hwy 12 between Augusta & Eau Claire. There is also a fun vintage stop just down the road from there....The Shed. The green house opens this Sunday...not Saturday as I posted..

Another wonderful greenhouse is the Winter Green House up near our property in Sawyer County.

Jeannine...I do thank you for the sweet compliment too!

Diane said...

Kari- I can't wait for my Lilac bushes to bloom. The fragrance on a spring breeze is wonderful. This year they leafed out early, but the past cold nights has wilted some of the leaves on the lower branches. The buds all look good tho. Got my Barn Sale reminder card in the mail. We are checking out the Collectors Paradise Flea Market in What Cheer, IA the weekend before. I will need to be sure not to spend all my $$$ there. :-) See you in a few weeks!

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