Tuesday, October 9, 2012

getting ready

sitting here in the early morning, going through my checklist for the Autumn Barn Sale....and getting my inspiration mojo on.

Dreamt last night about the sale. Will say the images made me smile just a bit.

Oh, getting ready!

All the details if you just read through the prior posts.


Kari from Meadowview Farm said...

Opened up the comments to tuck this here....

Barn Sale address:
S13181 County Road R
Augusta, Wisconsin

Super secret password for 10% off your purchases the opening morning: "Breaking Bread".

Dreamt that the "barn cats" --- sweet friends that travel up from Madison/Sun Prairie to help --- arrived dressed in a box. Seeing Jani, Nan & Sarah in a box costume.....hmmmmmmm, interpretation -- they are gifts, they are!


LizlovesVintage said...

Hi there,
Thanks for your msg. on my blog. It was a surprise that Stampington wanted to feature me from the start!
I'm always happy when you stop by. Enjoy the fall season where you are!
xxx Liz

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