Monday, October 31, 2011

Put your feet up, relax - home tour continues...

When we first climbed the stairs of our house,
walked through our floral sewing room...
and came to what is now our bedroom,
I thought I was in a dance hall --
yes, it is a big room.

Here's a view in:
3 walls are "forget-me-not" blue
-- the wall behind the bed is green.
There are three fabulous windows...
It is just such a sweet sweet room.
It required floral...just did.

To get to this room, you have to go through
the study or the sewing room--
so it feels kind of like a secret.
It needed a special color palette:
with a bit of dark wood to
anchor it...
and a bunny or lilac or two to boot.

It came all together with a quilt over the king size bed.

And here is a "walk around the room"...
door leads to study

big oval rug, yellow painted floor...

door to our sewing room is to the
left of the yellow dresser...

Since there are no closets (because in 1857 those were taxed too)...
we use wardrobes & dressers & trunks for storage.

Now, let's add some "sweet" & "adorable"
Even an original Tracy Porter Collage!

And a "Kari Original Collage" too...framed
foam core covered in vintage lace.
Added all my favorite paper scraps, pins, millinery.

**Hint -- if you ever cross paths with a 3-tier table,
nab it.  This table is perfect for so many uses --
 here holding a sweet array of goodies
-- have also used it on the dining room table.

There it is -- our sweet bedroom....
purely simple & quite precious,
if I might say so myself.

1 comment:

Cheryl in Wisconsin said...

And I agree with you. I love the frame you used for your collage. The bedrooms in my 1901 house are about as big as a king sized bed, so you're very lucky you can use one.

Thanks for continuing your house tour.

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