Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Halloween tree...

I imagine that the folks seeing me dig in the "free" bin at the thrift sale this summer, and then loading a big old white Christmas tree in our trailer felt a bit sad for the old girl (me - not the tree).  They wondered what anyone might want with that white eyesore (tree - not me).  Well -- I had a thought, an idea, an inspiration.  That tree would become something quite special in a corner of the hayloft for the Autumn Barn Sale -- it would become -- The Halloween Tree.
I gathered my goodies:
  • orange twinkle lights
  • BINGO cards
  • vintage pictures of old souls
  • old playing cards -- black spades & clubs only
  • worn clothespins for attaching
  • crows & a spider web
  • small pumpkins
  • sunflowers - to lighten it just a bit
  • tart tins filled with dominoes to tuck in the branches
  • black shoelaces to dangle
  • an old film reel for a garland
Put it all together with a fabulous old black bedspread for a tree skirt. 
And, S P O O K Y it is!

Oh, I do so adore this time of year -- (insert cackle, cackle, cackle here).  With black & white & orange & a pop of apple green & a tad of yellow ---such twisty funky colors -- and the spooky theme, irrisistable!

Do you get into Halloween decorating? 
Did you happen to see the Halloween Tree at the sale?
Do tell....


Cheryl in Wisconsin said...

I don't do any specific Halloween decorating (besides my "The Witch is In" sign), but my neighbors across the street make their yard into Halloween Wonderland.

At the Barn Sale, my friend Candy made sure I had seen the Halloween tree. Loved the crows on it, they seemed right at home.

Diane said...

Yes ---> Came, Saw, Loved it !!
I kicked myself last year when I didn't snap up the white tree you had for sale, good old hind sight. Haven't had a chance to say thanks for hosting another great barn sale. Had a wonderful day and being the first group thru the door. Enjoy what's left of the fall, snow is right on it's heels.

red.neck chic said...

I'm cracking up... that is AWESOME!!! I would have absolutely walked off with it (or... perhaps I would have loaded it on to my broom and flown off with it) had I been at the sale...

;-D robelyn

Kari from Meadowview Farm said...

Cheryl -- yes, those crows are the best --- they truly were my inspiration point -- now I feel a tad like HGTV!

Barb -- Loved capturing you and your gang coming in first for the sale --- Thanks for all your first energy -- got us going!! And, as for white trees -- never loved them, now I do (picture one for Valentine's Day!)

Robelyn -- You just go ahead and swoop in on that broom of yours -- thanks so much for stopping by -- seeing your comment means a lot!


Jani said...

Love that tree.
I saved a white tree once but I covered mine with little white lights and white crocheted snowflakes. It fairly floats in the white room at Christmas time.
My favorite Halloween "find and save" was an old rusty milk can that I cut a pumpkin face into and it greets trick or treaters on my sidewalk.

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