Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Say what? Autumn Barn Sale Update...

No, it is not my intent to will autumn upon us...my goodness, summer just began.
But -- it is now just about 3 months until the
Meadowview Farm Autumn Barn Sale
and just thought I would mention it.

Selling Antiques & Vintage Finds in our 100 year old hayloft.
Here's the low down for 2012:

Saturday, October 13th      9:00-5:00
Sunday, October 14th      12:00-5:00

Meadowview Farm
Augusta, Wisconsin

For even more details, click HERE

P.S. There will be just one Barn Sale in 2013 on October 12 & 13 (no May Sale)...
so this is last sale for a whole year. 

Hope you might be there - hayloft is already beginning to fill up.


red.neck chic said...

please feel free to will Autumn on me... LOLOL i was dreading the summer before it even came to visit!!!

goodness i wish i lived closer... i'd be hanging out in your hay bales.

;) robelyn

Full Circle Creations said...

I wish I had time that weekend, I would definitely make the 8 hour trip but that's the weekend before my big fair so the push will be on. But here's wishing you a successful sale. I've always wanted to do a barn sale on my farm, but since the barn is full of equipment and hay, there would be a bit more work than I'm ready to take on.


Primitive Stars said...

Hi, I would love to come to the Barn sale, but a little far, I do love road trips. Blessings Francine.

prims by olde lady morgan said...

WHOOOHOO!!!! Now I was jsut counting days untilour "bags" trip which means we will be visiting you too!!! YIPPEE!!! fill up that loft, the bags are coming!!! OLM

Sisters Treasures said...

Kari, every time you mention one of your barn sales I wish I lived closer so I could attend. My sis and I talk about hosting a show but we don't have a cool barn or venue on our properties which makes finding a location very difficult and expensive. For now, I'll just cheer yours on from a distance.

sweetvintageofmine said...

Kari, I swell up when I see your place and barn...Oh, how I want a barn like that! That has been my dream for many years...If not in this lifetime, the LORD will give it to me in the next one!!(I truly believe that!) I ADORE, LOVE, SWOON over OLD BARNS...You are truly BLESSED! Anyway, I've never been to WISCONSIN, heard its a beautiful place. If I do get that way, I will be at your sale!! from one sweetie to another~~~~Roxie p.s. you look as if you have GREAT FINDS!!!

Jeannine said...


I am sad to hear that you are hosting a Barn Sale only once next year. As you know your Barn Sales have been therapeutic pilgrimages for me to honor my Dad's life and his death. You, Dave, County Road R, and Meadowview Farm represent more than I can explain. I look forward to seeing you in the Fall. Fondly, Jeannine

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