Monday, September 17, 2012

on becoming a crazy cat lady

11....Eleven! That is how many cats now live at the farm. Two are house cats and nine are barn cats ~~ although our one tom cat is a roamer and our first born girl cat likes to spend time on "her porch" guess she is officially a porch cat.

Now, in case anyone wonders...we are responsible, all are immunized and only our original mom cat remains unaltered. But eleven even has me wondering!

We did take the first big step and adopt out our spring boy kitten, Meadow, to our Ian. Meadow now lives in a bachelor pad in Madison!

But alas, I still wander the house & farm with furry friends at my feet. But, please...If there comes a day when I won't admit the size of my cat herd...or take to wearing a spandex cat suit or worse yet a snap up house robe with beaded cat earrings....tell me to get a grip.

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