Wednesday, September 26, 2012

sweet little moment

after a night of tossing & turning....not even attempting to solve the problems of my little world, I gave in. I awoke, filled my coffee cup, snuggled into my winter robe & sat at the kitchen table. I found my way to this quote, "some days it's not worth chewing through the restraints" first made me chuckle, then it made me cry. If you are a fighter like me you will understand.

So this morning I will just resolve to greet the dawn with faith that I don't have to be in the ring all the time. And yet I can't stop shaking my head that social media can erupt over the final call of a football game when there is so so so much bigger things to devote an early morning worry on.

Oh well, the sun rise calls me as do all the sweet moments that calm my weary heart here at my farm. Here I am untethered. Here I set the record straight on what is a priority & what is not. Here I claim a world not nuanced by restraint of spirit or social conscience.
Here I am the director of what matters.

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