Sunday, May 29, 2011


I will never ever forget certain things: 
  • The little slip of paper my father folded & refolded in the hospital table drawer-- a slip I would later find with our phone numbers on it...waiting patiently for a visit or a call.
  • My mother calling across the nursing home table, "there's my Kari" when I arrived.  Always welcoming me home - no matter where home might be.
These are etched in my mind for forever...and I do remember embracing those moments, capturing & seizing those instances, knowing time is fleeting.  I remember saying to myself "remember this, remember this."

So now, I fold & refold my memories and call out to my heart's deepest deepest places --- because that is what we do on this weekend.  Yes, we may have an extra day off, and yes, we may have time for that first summer fishing trip or flea market....but we also have a bit more time to stop & remember.   I will.


Artful Gathering said...

Thanks Kari for the great post.... I neeeeeed to slow down to remember my past loved ones.. No longer here on earth but etched in my mind and heart... Have a blessed day.

Debi said...

I don't forget, but I give my energy to the present and surround myself with people who truly mean the world to me. Love your thought ~ Have a safe weekend. Debi

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