Thursday, February 16, 2012

big sis

Today is my sister, Randi's birthday.
In March, my sister, Lori, celebrates hers.
They are my big sisters.
And lucky am I.

If you have sisters,
you know that they are indeed the cat's meow, the ties that bind,
the cup that overflows...through better & worse.

Three Wind girls
In our little house on Healy Lane.
Growing up to be strong, independent women.
Just as mom & dad would have hoped.

If I need them, they are there.
My sisters

P.S.  Not to be too mushy...'tis for you too.
You know it is as it should be.
Love to my girls...
Happy Birthday.

(Just think, we could have been Faith, Hope & Charity.)


Kari from Meadowview Farm said...

Happy Birthday Randi! Love you much...and send this out to the world to show it.
Your little sister, Kari

Gryphonmom said...

Little sis:
You just made my birthday so special with your kind and gentle wishes. I'm so glad we are sisters!
All my love,
Randi (a/k/a Faith)

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