Sunday, March 15, 2020

Well, that was fun!

When I first took the plunge into buying & selling 
antiques & vintage finds, we were living in 
Sun Prairie.  I sold in Madison, Columbus and Waterloo.
I learned quickly to include the Hixton
Schoolhouse Antique Mall on my buying route.

When we moved to our farm in 2007, I was 
tickled that we lived just 20 minutes from this 
favorite mall.  It was a place that you could
just get lost in, not fancy, just fun.
And I did just that, browsing the aisles 
frequently enough for THEM to inquire
if I might like to rent a booth.
And I did!
My first booth soon became my very
own little room.
And, boy did I have fun with that!

But, the years have changed the market a bit.
More folks interested in repro, more folks
looking to haggle lower than most 
dealers can justify.  And you still
have to bring in stock, and keep the
interest going thru display, social media,
etc.  Dave & I began to question over 
the past few years if it wasn't perhaps
our time to exit this business.

Now...for every negative I may have felt in
the past few years, there have also been an
UNBALANCED 100 times the goodness:
*Wonderful customers that I have gotten to know.
*Kind, kind people who share their love for vintage.
*People who have lifted me thru health struggles.
*And, of course the hunt for that next find!

But, my current health has ultimately 
provided the tipping point....because a 
booth is not going to just run itself!😬

Today, my little booth at Hixton will be unloaded, 
and remaining stock will travel to an antique
store that is creative and lovely and full of all
that is needed to inspire.  And I like that!


I recognize that I may not have known you if not for 
my booth at Hixton, my Barn Sales, 
or maybe even this 
little old blog (which will still be around).

And, it has been fun!

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