Sunday, June 13, 2010

And the Kitchen Sink - Vintage with a Purpose #2

When we first walked into our house about 4 years ago - vacant, yet hopeful -- there was the original kitchen sink. It looks much smaller in the picture than the 4 foot across width it actually is.  I remember this glimmer of possibilities that stirred at one of the first glimpses of the treasures this house held for us.  So -- this is pure "Vintage with a purpose"!

What to note here:
  • Notice the matching rug in front of the sink & under the cat dishes -- the large one is vintage, the smaller a place mat I found that matched fairly well.
  • The sink skirt is polka dots -- and below we store enamelware buckets of just about every size -- all for use.
  • The dish drainer is vintage & wire & used every day!
  • The window is covered with an old lace tablecloth -- hung with clothespins.
  • The ice cream parlor chair in front of the window is a favorite place for our cats -- perfect view of the apple orchard or meadow.
  • The sunflower picture was made by my 22 year old son when he was in first grade -- almost vintage!
This little handy shelf is above the sink -- found it for a couple of dollars in the basement of an antique shop.  It now holds our soaps, with an ironstone bowl for the kitchen sponge.  The light fixture was here when we purchased -- a bit more retro than my taste -- but yet it felt right to leave it alone, at least for now.

On a separate note -- and not to imply you are vintage....I send a purposeful Happy Birthday wish to Jeff in Canada.  Hope your day provides you with everything you wish & the kitchen sink!!

McCoy in the window...

What is your favorite use of a vintage item in your kitchen?


Artful Gathering said...

I would have to say my wire dish drainer I bought from your space at the Hixton Antique Mall.....
Thanks... I look at it everyday and say cool.........If I ever think of it I'll post a picture of it in my kitchen over on my blog....

Kari from Meadowview Farm said...

Hi know there is a flea market - weather permitting at Hixton this weekend....just a couple vendors.

Anyway - I do love dish drainers - actually have two red ones in the barn -- will probably save them for the barn sale -- see them filled with something autumn-y!

Artful Gathering said...

HI there Kari,
No I did not know about the flea market. I plan on hitting the mall this week. Did you bring anything new in? I am so fortunate that I am only 7 miles from it so I can go weekly....
I am planning on coming to your barn sale.. Hopefully with a car full of friends..
Enjoy your week..

Kari from Meadowview Farm said...

Hi Dawn:
There is a flea market at Hixton the second weekend of every month...very casual -- a handful of vendors.

Regarding new items in my 15% off sale ends at the close of the day on Tuesday. I tend to not bring much in during a sale. Did bring in a pear crate with a nice end advertising, some misc. soda bottles, a tan pottery vase, etc. Also -- as an FYI - I will be closing my upstairs booth on or before July 9th. Have become too busy to manage two spaces.


Artful Gathering said...

I am planning on going to the mall tomorrow to check out your items. I should of went today. With all this rain we have been having but the forcast is the same for I can't do much outside..yuck.

Might as well shop!
Good to know about the flea markets. I enjoy them so much. We usually go to the Hatfield ones. We also go to Canton Tx and Brimfield Ma. when we can take the time to go.
We used to sell antiques and gifts when we owned the cafe in Northfield. But seeing how we don't sell them anymore we don't go as often. But it is one of our favorite pastimes....
I have thought of going to round top in Texas one day.. not sure when however. Have you ever been to it? Or any other ones of interest?
I will be sad to see your upstairs booth go but I am sure you are so very busy. Do you work as well outside your home? Hard to do it all.
Take care, Dawn

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