Saturday, June 12, 2010

June Rose Wind

There are wild roses on the fence line...I anticipate their scent on the breeze. 

I will "while away" this June day -- no plans for the weekend.

 My biggest questions: 
  • Which spot on my porch shall I sit?
  • What shall I read?
Rain is coming again -- can also feel that in the wind.  I might need a kitty boy to keep me warm. 

Today I will take a moment to be thankful.  I will sit and ponder...and remember my mom, June Rose Wind, on this, her birthday.  Wish you were sittng with me...we would talk about curtains on the barn windows and daisy necklaces on every cow.

From your Kari....xxoo

Where do you "while away" a summer day?

1 comment:

Artful Gathering said...

HI Kari,
Today I am whiling away my Saturday in my craft studio. I am scrapbooking and making cards. Rain is on its way. Sprinking right now.... It's a good day to sit and enjoy the peace that a soft rain brings.
Blessings and hugs, Dawn

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