Saturday, June 5, 2010

Home is where the heart is...

Built in 1857 by Joseph Strader,  this home was a gift to his wife.  Having once owned so many acres where this house sits -- early maps show the "Town of Strader" between Osseo and Augusta.

When we found this home in 2006, it was on a whim -- a Saturday drive looking at homes in northwest Wisconsin.  It was empty & open...and in need of some TLC --- actually in need of LOTS of TLC.  We owned it on Tuesday -- deciding to "take a jump off this cliff". 

We spent the next 9 months literally camping in the house every weekend -- as our other home was about 2 hours away -- and we worked.  We painted or wallpapered every surface.  From the roof to the well -- from the windows to tuck pointing the bricks -- from electrical to heating --- the house kind of arrived at the Emerald City.

I do remember tears rolling down my face just after dark on our first night in the house wondering what I had gotten us into.  Could we really bring this farm back to life?  What ever were we thinking?  Was this just a combination of empty nesting and mid life crisis?  Our friends, Jani & Norm, visited in one of those first weeks -- and kindly waited until they left to also wonder aloud (Jani I think you may have mentioned shuddering in disbelief) at the task that lay ahead for us.

And, so here we are today --- 4 years ago this June we signed the papers as curators of this farm.  Four years ago this month was that evening of tears.....and now I look about in awe at this farm.  I feel in so many ways that she was just waiting for us to arrive.  She embraces us every day.  Thank you, Joseph, for this gift.


Kudzu said...

it was meant to be.

Chic Cottage Junk said...

Oh, wow, what a story. I have goosebumps as I read, because I truly believe that you were meant to rescue her - the farm! Kudos!


Kari from Meadowview Farm said...

Cherry & Sue:
Thanks for your words of support. We truly feel blessed to call this farm home -- She cares for us as much as we care for her.

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