Saturday, June 26, 2010

Keeping Cool, Laying Low.

Just keeping cool & laying low today...this vignette in my living room is how I want to feel.  In a house without air conditioning...we have a rhythm to keeping the place cool.  Open up windows at night, turn on the ceiling fans...and then close up the house during the day.  It is actually quite cool -- that is what a well built brick house does...stay cool when you want it to.  And the 100 year old trees & great amount of shade helps.  So, feet up, good movie or magazine...staying cool. 

What does your weekend hold for you?


Artful Gathering said...

Its a hot one today that's for sure. Haven't been outside too much. My grandaughters came over and we shelled peas, picked blackberries, and made some homemade rootbeer and Homemade vanilla ice cream. The ice cream was excellent and so easy. 3 ingredients... Stay cool!

Kari from Meadowview Farm said...

Oh Dawn...what a wonderful way to spend the day. Your grandkids must love coming to your farm. With homemade rootbeer, homemade ice cream and blackberries for the picking -- don't be surprised if I come knocking at your door!!

Nan said...

Hi Kari,
Just got back from camping in the North Woods so I had lots of fun catching up on your daily posts. It was so sweet to see your "pot of doves" resting on my Mom's lamp holder. I'm so glad it found such a good home. Love all your wonderful tablescapes-you're an inspiration and I'm glad to be a copycat!
Love, Nan

Kari from Meadowview Farm said...

Nan...coming from the "Queen of Detail", I thank you for the kind compliment.
So - camping in the north woods - how fun.

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