Monday, June 14, 2010

Curtains in the Breeze...Vintage with a Purpose #3

My good friend, Sarah, once reminded me to make sure to have curtains that billowed in the breeze.  She has given me lots of good information to ponder over the years -- and this is definitely on the top ten list!
So -- what to use on our almost door size windows?

Why, vintage tablecloths, of course!  Lacey & time worn and even a bit tea stained. Vintage with a purpose.

First the guest bedroom...two different lace cloths, mellowed with age!  Here is one of the windows...(I will tell you about the amazing wallpaper on a different day---came with the house)!

The bathroom needed just one beautiful vintage cloth -- bought for a dollar at the Kane County Flea Market.  Fits like it was a "meant to be".

(All are hung with ring hooks bought at Menards -- simply slip on a curtain rod and you clip the table cloth on the clips -- simple, simple, simple.)

In the living room - I actually lucked out and had tucked away two vintage lace panels bought for a song (less than $5) at that same Kane County Flea Market shopping day. 

Their billowing would make Sarah proud!

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Kari from Meadowview Farm said...

In the master bedroom, we have three windows - with polka dot sheer green curtains. These were newly purchased -- but fit the "billow" criteria perfectly. Our cats often try to gauge when the wind blows to quick tuck themselves into the window...a fun game to see.

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