Wednesday, October 1, 2014

pink it is

Today marks the start of October, certainly one of the sweetest months I know.

And today marks the beginning of Breast Cancer Awareness month.  With some
authority I share the importance of early out of eight women will be 
diagnosed with breast cancer ~ that is the reality.  But the reality is that the prognosis 
can be very good.  I placed my faith in my medical team and let them do what they needed.
A lumpectomy followed by 35 rounds of radiation ~ "sure".  No clear margins, so a second
lumpectomy ~ "do it".  Still no clear margins, so a mastectomy with lymph node removal
 ~ "let's get this done".  It wasn't bravery or courage....for me it was survival.  Period.
I had things to do.
And I was fortunate, my lymph nodes were clear, it had not traveled...
so no radiation needed, no chemo required.

On October 17th I will mark one year cancer free.

Now please do not get me wrong....there are realities that come with any medical
procedure.  I wish I would have known some of those things.  Regaining arm motion
after a mastectomy is work.  When your lymph nodes are removed, funky stuff
happens to nerves, and forever more that arm is off limits for any pokes.  Fatigue 
rocks you to the core.  Deciding to go through reconstruction, wear a prosthesis, or
just be ~ are all decisions that impact every day.  Practical things are not so easy.
And no one told me the implications this would have on something like life insurance...
I am now a risk to any underwriter ~ they won't bet on my life.  Thank goodness for
safeguarded health insurance through the Affordable Care Act.  No matter your political
persuasion, everyone should have enough heart to agree that denial of health insurance
based upon a preexisting condition is inhumane.  

I have learned more than I ever thought I would along this pink winding road.
My admiration to those women who bear a double mastectomy runs deep.  I cannot even
begin to imagine how so many women travel from surgery to recovery to chemotherapy.  
How they walk through that valley ~~ heroic!  But we all do what we need to, that is life.
And no one really wins or loses any battle in breast cancer....we all survive, moment by moment.

Today marks the start of October, certainly one of the sweetest months I know.


Cass @ That Old House said...

For those of us who have finally gotten the "good news -- clear margins!" declaration, EVERY month is sweet, isn't it?

I wish you a warm, pink, brilliant October, and I think you are indeed brave. All best wishes to you -- Cass

kimmykats said...

I wish you the best! I think breast cancer has touched most of our lives.

NanaDiana said...

God bless you- You are a survivor and did what you needed to do. The path is often littered with things that we can't begin to imagine until we go through them ourselves. God bless you- Happy Anniversary and here's to MANY MORE! xo Diana

Teresa said...

Happy cancer free anniversary!
I'm one year done with chemo on Friday. :)

Dance Classes Seattle said...

You are a read champion. Hats off to you.
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Cheryl in Wisconsin said...

You go, girl.


Que Deus lhe encha de esperanças e entusiasmo pela vida!
Abraços e boa semana.

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