Sunday, October 19, 2014

it just takes a bit of sunshine

I traveled Friday, a day off, some things on my mind.  I found
myself sitting at a little auction in Independence, Wisconsin.
Maybe thirty chairs set up in tidy rows in the front yard of a home 
that would itself be auctioned off at 12:30.  Most of many years of
collecting packed in boxes, unloaded and sold one by one.  The
collector now living in a nursing home.  We gathered as this small
community, bidding on one after another lot.  On the surface, a very
solemn event...dispersing a lifetime of a home, carried off, collections 
divided many times.  My number 36 was raised, very select choices...
one of her cow creamers, several of her hen on a nest, two of her milk
bottles~~ one from Augusta meant to add to my own collection.  One
bid after another, I spent a morning as part of this group of bidders,
dispersing a lifetime.  But I know I will love the milk bottle I won -- as will
the person who eventually picks up the little cow creamer & takes her home.
Sure, this is all stuff....but stuff certain to hold stories & maybe a memory or two.

I will remember that chilly morning on October 17 ~~ sitting on a folding 
chair, raising my number, adding ever so selectively to my own story,
my own memories.

It only takes a bit of sunshine reflected just right to make a rainbow.  

As I carefully packed my treasures, folding them into my raincoat,
I knew I carried off with me pieces of someone's life.  Little shimmers,
little fragments of color, little stories.  


NanaDiana said...

This puts a huge lump in my throat. I can picture myself sitting there and watching these things being carried out and presented, sold and carried off. Bits and pieces of a person's life no longer a part of their past...but a part of someone else's future. Beautiful story! xo Diana

ps. I don't usually ask people to visit my blog but I have a prayer request up today that is urgent. I would appreciate the visit IF you have time. Thanks-

Primitive Stars said...

Bittersweet, love to have the treasure to enjoy but a little sad to know that someone else treasured it. Love the Ironstone, Blessings Francine,

Susie said...

You tugged at my heart when you said it was a piece of someone's life....thank you. I have been thinking of all the old neighbors I have lost through the years. My Mom's neighbors, my own. Our lives change daily Blessings, xoxo,Susie

Cheryl in Wisconsin said...

Thank you for putting so eloquently the emotions I feel when attending a personal auction or estate sale. I don't think any of us can resist taking this personally as well... what will become of OUR collections once we're not able to attend to them any more?

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