Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Holy Buckets!

Please accept this post as a full on apology!  I have been a tad busy.
And I miss stopping by all my favorite blogs and posting a note or "hi".
Just about 3 weeks into my new job has me realizing why most folks do
not raise young babies or take over nonprofit organizations after a certain

Well wow!  I am feeling a bit like that deer in the headlights....or this wide 
eyed fellow below these days!  Lots to learn, lots to wrap my mind about.

But, truth be told, I am loving every minute of it.  I am best in
positions where that "buck stops with me".  I have learned to be 
patient, to listen, to ask lots of questions, to learn.  There are also
plenty of big things that will not wait for me to learn this new role...
funders need to fund, public hearings need my testimony, was on 
T.V. my first day on the job responding to issues in our community.

So, please pardon my absence from the blogosphere.  All my comments 
are in my heart.  I will be back soon!  Promise!

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