Sunday, October 12, 2014

"Made it!"

"Made it!", she stated with a grin.  That will be me - 
as I wander through a number of anniversaries over 
the next two weeks.  

Today I mark my first 'second weekend of October' without
my usual Barn Sale.  I won't say I didn't miss the festivity of
it all, setting up vignettes & waiting to see if anyone arrives.
However, I appreciate feeling rested as I enter this mad dash
into winter readiness.  It has been good to catch my breath this 

This coming Thursday Dave & I will mark 33 years of marriage.
Friday I will mark reaching my one year mark Cancer free.

"Made it!"....I will repeat over & over through October.

Addendum....just watched my neighbor's cows run across their pasture in a line...
heading in to be milked.  Each one seemed to moo, "made it"!  
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