Sunday, October 26, 2014

vintage Halloween

       Beloved by many collectors - including me!

There is something magical about Halloween - and
I quite enjoy unpacking & setting out all my goodies...
kind of like when we would sort thru all our candies 
after trick or treating!

I still have 4 plastic Halloween candy containers from childhood.
We used to set these along the picture window in our home in Monona.
Now they live on a window sill at our farm.  The wonderful box of 
Halloween invitations were gifted to me from dear Sarah Dill.  Found at
a garage sale - now a part of my collection....truly adore them!

About 5 years ago, we were given permission to enter an old farmhouse 
that was vacant, but still full of possessions.  The owners allowed us to take
what we would like before the weather & animals got to everything.  Strewn
across an upstair's bedroom were vintage Halloween napkins...somehow 
undamaged despite the rain & raccoons that had gotten in.  I gathered them
and am glad to add some to my collection and have many move on to 
other collections (several still available in my case at the Hixton Antique Mall).

          Vintage Halloween - charmingly perfect!


NanaDiana said...

GREAT Vintage Halloween pieces. I love the old stuff-so much better than what you find today. Happy Sunday to you-xo Diana

Primitive Stars said...

Hi Kari, I adore your Vintage Halloween treasures. Such a fun holiday, wow!!! Would have loved to go into the old farmhouse too, neat napkins.Blessings Francine.

Robin at The Primitive Hutch said...

I too love the vintage Halloween pieces ~ love the vintage box of invites you got ~ such a sweet treasured gift.
Hope you have a spooktacular Halloween!
Prim Blessings

NanaDiana said...

There was no way to leave a comment on your voting post...but YES---please vote. Every vote counts!!! xo Diana

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