Sunday, March 2, 2014


I am heading off to training in Wausau for work for
several days this week.....spending several days away
from home makes me just say, "Yuk!".  

So today, I will fill up on up my immune system
toward hotel rooms & Power Point presentations.

I will retreat and find reprieve & solace at the farm.  My
Country Living & Midwest Living arrived yesterday.  My 
new obsession, True Detective (a complex, thinking show), 
is on tonight. 

This will be a quiet day to rest & relax before busy days arrive.

Green, green, green!  Wallpaper in
our Den/T.V. Room makes for a cozy room.

From our Living Room into our Den...
always feels inviting to me.  One vintage 
rug to the next underfoot.

Our Den with a couch to curl up on.  
We can watch the birds feed outside our window.

Do you find time to just put your feet up and hold the world at bay?

Adding Happy Happy Birthday (one day early) to my sister, Lori! xxoo


Primitive Stars said...

Love your cozy home Kari, I am a homebody too, Blessings Francine.

Barb said...

I am with you there......I really hate to leave home. Around the Corner with John McGivern just did a piece on Wausau. Maybe there are some special places to check out while there.

Just think....HOME will be all the sweeter when you drive back down your driveway in a few days.

Barb said...

Oh and by the way......your home is adorable!
Your posts always make me smile and warm my heart.

Artful Gathering said...

Get a good dose of home... Have a great week... I love your home.....

prims by olde lady morgan said...

Kari, so enjoyed a little peek into your wonderful home!! Safe travels! OLM

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