Thursday, March 13, 2014


Even though white is all I see out the window, the snow is beginning to recede.
Our snow measurer shows that we are now under a foot at the drift line...and the long gravel
driveway back to the barn is again visible.  A "lake" appears in the orchard as 
do a small flock of returning robins.  The remaining apples in the tree tops are their 
treat.  It feels warm in the sun, mittens are cast off.  The animals are beginning to
feel ready to come out of the barn, and cat sightings under the bird feeder begin anew.
This has been a tough winter to get through, especially hard on outside animals.
We have a call into the Vet, as one of our goats appears to have an abscessed tooth.
He handles it without complaint.  We all feel ready for green pasture & warmth.

With St. Patty's day just around the corner, feels like we are heading toward
spring inside too.  Cannot wait to open the green trunk in the living room and
again take out the vintage goodies that will reside in the house thru August!

But for now, an abundance of Irish green will keep us focused!  A golden swan 
holds a vintage postcard from days when greetings were sent with haste for 
even this celebration.  The wind again feels at our back as we cross the finish line to spring.

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