Monday, March 24, 2014

down the road

Villages have lanes, cities have streets,
in the country, we have roads....
rural roads, county roads, country roads.

This is the road I travel to my office on.
County Road R to Barka Road to County Road HH,
eventually to Wisconsin Street in Eau Claire.

Along this road are stories:
  The 6 deer that stop their feeding to gaze at me.
  The horse that lives in the front yard of a house....right there next to the deck.
  The elderly woman, still mowing her acre of yard, tending a farm now on her own.
  The dead cow laying near the barn waiting to be hauled away.
  The woman running with her two dogs, waving as I pass.
  "Circle Dog" that comes out to chase my car, spinning in circles...thus the name.
  The cows waiting in line to come in from their fields, some kind of order.
  The roll of twine, still sitting on the round bale of hay.

These roads call to me.  Over & over they beckon.  
Each mile brings hundreds of stories and lost poems along the way.
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