Thursday, March 27, 2014

busy girl

she runs, she plays....sparkly toys are best
Rosie is a busy girl!

How a little kitten can have such energy!

Not to mention how I was able to capture it....did not intend to create a "gif"~~
Just kind of happened, just kind of amused me that I unintentionally did this!
(Took a string of pictures, and the computer did this on her own.)

So, please enjoy my busy girl playing in the kitchen!

(Pardon if it makes you a tad sea

P.S. Just a little note, sometimes I open up a post for comments....sometimes I don't.  
I know how busy folks are ~ I always feel a tad guilty myself when I visit a blog and don't have time to leave a when there is no "Comment Section" open on one of my posts, it's indeed intentional.  I just so appreciate that you popped by for a visit!

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