Saturday, March 15, 2014

North I say!

Heading north today to check on our wee cabin.
Can feel spring in the air!

Signs wait for the return of boaters & hikers.

The west fork of the upper 
Chippewa River begins to thaw.

Getting thru the existing snow, back to the cabin was an we understand the concept of snowshoes.
With each step, we found ourselves hip deep in snow.  We 
had to take turns taking the lead, creating a walkway.  Several
times I found myself stuck, fallen on a knee...trying to climb up
& out in fits of laughter.  I surely do not know how the deer have
survived this tricky winter....although we did come upon four,
running down the road, white tails up & bobbing.

We figure next time we are back in Winter (yes, that is the 
Wisconsin town our property is in), the trillium will be in bloom.


Primitive Stars said...

Afternoon Kari, nice to see signs of Spring, yay!!!! Blessings Francine.

NanaDiana said...

WE usually go up North at least a couple of times during the winter but not this year. I think that is up close to Hayward- Upper West part of the state? That is pretty country up there. xo Diana

Jani said...

I don't think I would've been laughing! You're a good sport!

kimmykats said...

We were up your way this last do have lots of snow yet! We left to sleeting rain coming down....winter will get done...right? Love that you could laugh over the huge drifts!!

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