Wednesday, March 19, 2014

if you give a goat a cookie

Let me introduce you to Little Moo, one of our fainting goats.
He came to live at our farm about 5 years ago, and is our 
most timid goat.  Of course he is also the one that now needs 
a daily dose of penicillin for a week ~~ administered with a needle
that, honest to goodness, is the size of a large nail.  And, besides
the first injection, given by our vet.....I am the resident shot giver.

I have fretted over the proper way to administer a shot IM (that is Vet
lingo for intramuscular) vs. subcutaneous (under the skin).  I can now
talk shots and locations to administer said shot on said goat with the best.
Yes, thanks to Google & Youtube, I am an amateur veterinarian!

Besides the fact that the first shot went into my very own finger, I am doing
pretty well.  The past two days, moo didn't even run from me.....could it be the
sugar cookie hidden in my pocket that he gets once the deed is done?

Not that this was ever on my bucket list, 
but all the same, crossing it off!


Barb said...

Moo knows he is in good hands...hands with cookies!! He sure is a cutie pie.

Primitive Stars said...

Oh my, what a sweetie Kari, love him, Blessings Francine.

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