Thursday, August 11, 2011

Sweet little ones...

Here is our spring litter...Summer, Spring & Winter

They are on the porch,
a little hospital triage set up to get them better.
See, part of farm life that I am still learning
is "mass doctoring" animals.
If one is sick, with shared food dishes, you treat them all.
Seems my hurt Marmalade brought home illness with his injury...
and we had to make a
mass exodus to the vet on Wednesday - 7 cats.

These little ones (as well as Marmalade) were running high fevers &
were dehydrated.
Fluids & antibiotics given...they seem to be rebounding.

Now my day starts & ends with antibiotics....
given to 7 cats.
We are not out of the woods yet -- will need to get thru ten days of this,
but each morning -- a greeting from kittens & goats...
is absolutely priceless.
Really doesn't take much to make me happy.

Sweet little ones, they climb into my heart & fill it.
I send prayers up for their well being & care...
and celebrate their sweet little ways.

August 14 Update:
Touch & go...
but it is now looking like go for all my sweet ones. 
Still have the newest babies sequestered on the porch.
Hope to let them out soon.
Momma Hope chooses her family over her freedom every day.
I let her off the porch, she comes back in to be with them.
I learn so much from these little ones.
Never ever question investing in love.

A happy ending to this story...August 17:
This morning we carried all the babies back to the barn -
they were home.
Whisper & Chestnut & Momma Hope followed us -
a celebratory parade.
Marmalade met us at the door and kissed each one.
Even the goats came in to greet them.

They all made it...the little ones almost doubling in weight in
the 7 days on the porch-hospital.

As I walked back to the house, Hope and the babies were running with
such joy to the corn crib to play.

For this moment, for this morning -
all is right at Meadowview Farm. 


Cheryl in Wisconsin said...

Mass exodus is right! Seven cats at once? I feel an attachment to these kittens, even the ones I haven't met yet. Let them know there's a Barn Sale coming up, and they need to feel their best to be the official greeters. I send prayers up for their well being as well. They are blessed to have your farm as their home.

Jani said...

Come on kitties! Let's all get well together now! There's power in numbers! Keeping them in my thoughts for you kari.

Kari from Meadowview Farm said...

They are making by one better. Momma Hope stays on the porch with them -- this wild girl contained. I let her off the porch to the world of "free" -- but her instincts bring her back to the door, to them. Marmalade feels stronger each day. These little kittens reset my time clock, slow it down, make it last.
Thanks for all the kind & dear thoughts -- they feel this, so do I.

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