Saturday, August 6, 2011

Color Collection: red

Such an intense little color, yes,
red is strong.

Vintage store price tags

Vintage kitchen utensils and Polka Dots!

Apple crates with wonderful graphics.

Let me share a quiet little story of strength about
my Marmalade, resident tommy, not quite 1 year old -- but worldly all the same.
He is my orangey red kitty boy--a barn cat.
He limped home last Wednesday morning - hurt bad,
we didn't know if he would make it.
We hand fed him, encouraged him to drink...
blood at his eyes, nose & ears -- really hurt.
For 4 days he slept, sometimes on my lap -- so hurt, so worn,
yet still purring.
Tonight he got up on his own & ate with the other cats.
Strong -- yes -- that is red...and that is my Marmie.

My red collection includes:
children's brooms, spice tins, transfer ware, faded flags, red handled cookie cutters.

Do you collect red?


Jani said...

Red chalkware apples for my apple themed kitchen, and tranlucent Christmas cookie cutters. Red is my "astrological color".

Kari from Meadowview Farm said...

Might I say you are a gem -- ruby red!

Diane said...

Ahh Red. Red is my fav. color. Clothes, shoes, jewelry, purses you name it(and yes, even my hair for many years) Red is my go to color when I feel the need for that extra boost of,"hello, here I am." It's kind of a family joke that when we get together I will prob. be wearing something red. My kitchen is red & white with a pop of brite sunny yellow. Curtains made from a vintage tablecloth with lots of red & yellow flowers. What a wonderful color!

Cheryl in Wisconsin said...

I would collect Marmalade if he was available, look at him! Other than that, no red in my house except one bedroom with dark red walls. I've been on a beige, white and black kick lately. Don't know how that happened, really.

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