Sunday, August 14, 2011

Color Collection: green

I adore - absolutely love - green.
If I had just one color,
it would be green.

Checkerboard green...
this little hot pad holder now holds notes in my kitchen.
My kitchen floor -- checkerboard green too.

Clocks & Frogs - never enough!

Fabulous pitcher, sweet planters...

Green, green, green --- love it I do.

My green collections include:
Pottery, frogs (from garden statuary to Steiff), bird cages, painted stools & benches.

Do you collect green?


Cheryl in Wisconsin said...

Greens are classic and timeless.

I'd love to say I have a collection of lush green plants in my yard but between my pulling out the "nuisance" plants, and the 78 weeks of heat and no rain (wasn't it 78 weeks?), my garden is a fine collection of brown. And it makes me really appreciate the green. I'm doing things differently next year! I'm coming to your house for some inspiration.

Kari from Meadowview Farm said... are a hoot!
I am certain I have enough green to share -- may not be outside, but lots

Jani said...

Green will always be my favorite color! Peaceful, cool, nurturing. Gotta love green!

Stephanie said...

I am a lover of green Depression Glass! Green is not a color normally found in my decorating palate but the glass always finds a place someplace front and center! Usually filled with something colorful and bright!

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