Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Color Collection: brown

In my home, where there is a fair amount of pastel shades...
brown keeps it all in the grown-up world.
It is my mature go-to color.
Butterfly book plate & a sweet tea cup.

The little tea cup was a "have to adopt" when I found
this wee little house inside of it.

Little whisk brooms with velvet on the top.
*Why was there velvet on the top of a utilitarian object?
So sweet - so pure.
Little wire baskets, teeny abandoned nests.

My brown collection includes:
Feathers (found in the yard), transferware, worn/discolored ironstone, clothespins.

Do you collect brown?


Cheryl in Wisconsin said...

Ah, brown. The color of rust. I've had an affinity for rusty things since I was a little kid. I let my silver tarnish and my iron rust and I love it that way. Brown is the color of the little metal deer I won in your giveaway that are proudly displayed in a glass cloche in my living room. Brown leather couch, natural wood in the grandfather clock, the maple dining table, the china cabinet, the big beautiful chunk of carved wood that I got at a Barn Sale and just hung it on the wall to display it's beauty.

Jani said...

I asked a lady in an antique shop, "Is the little metal squirrel by the bench outside for sale?" She hurried away to get me one just like it,"But nicely painted white without all the rust and brown on it." She looked at me a little weird when I said I preferred the brown one. Earth tones. That's what we called them in the seventies. They'll always be a favorite of mine.

Cheryl in Wisconsin said...

There are 2 camps: those who love the rusty-crusty, and those that find the rusty old stuff, sand it down and repaint it. (I do understand that with some utilitarian pieces that is required to make them more sturdy - but I'm talking about simply aesthetic.) And neither side seems to understand the other one! Naturally, I'd side with Jani and want the rusty squirrel. But my mother would never understand why I wouldn't want the perfectly lovely, clean-looking white one.

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