Monday, August 8, 2011

Color Collection: pastel

These sweet demure colors are so often underrated. 
In a world of more, brighter,
we often miss sweet, kind, nice.
That is pastel to me-often
best experienced as a group.

Faded vintage Christmas bead picks.

A bowl of charm.
The "Forget-me-not" bracelet is from my mom...
probably 1940ish -- a name collected for
each sweet friend.

Floral, floral, floral...
*the Raggedy Ann was bought at a Thrift Sale
this summer from sisters in their 70's.  It was theirs, mended, loved.

My pastel collection includes:
bark cloth, wicker, Shawnee & McCoy pottery, toy/children's chairs.

Do you collect pastel?

1 comment:

Jani said...

Now, whenever I think of pastels I will think of a wedding that I helped my sister (a floral designer) with. It was pale yellow, purple and lavender and it was the most beautiful wedding flowers I ever saw. It sung!

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