Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Color Collection: yellow

Such a happy color yellow is...
truly sunshine on my shoulder.
A chick chick here & a chick chick there.
One of my sweet children's plates.

A serious little plaster chick and polka dot McCoy pottery.
Also beaded flower peaking off to the left...

And sunflowers.  swoon.
This one made by my Ian years ago.
Beginning to bloom about the farm.

My yellow collection includes:
Pottery planters, pitchers & bowls, pears, chicks.

Do you collect yellow?


Cheryl in Wisconsin said...

Ian is such an artist. Love the little chicks on the plate. Are they cupcake decor?

Jani said...

Yellow is my front door! Wanted something that said "Come on in!"

Cheryl in Wisconsin said...

Jani, I want to see a photo of your yellow front door. My front door is my own shade of turquoise. One of my friends works at Sherwin-Williams and we custom mixed the funkiest shade of blue I could come up with - I love it.

Kari from Meadowview Farm said...

Front doors are the first welcome of the house...of course you two would invest time in these -- you are such welcoming souls!

Cheryl...the little chicks don't have any special purpose (other then to look adorable) -- but could be on cakes or cupcakes -how sweet would that be! I have some for sale in my case at Hixton.


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