Thursday, March 12, 2015

bidding good bye to an old friend

Let me not get too melodramatic, but last week I wrote 
"Cancel" across my subscription to Country Living.  I have 
subscribed to this magazine for far longer than I can recall...
back to the time when country living was hanging dried flowers 
& baskets and stenciled borders. 

I had mourned the ending of Country Home and Home two favorites ~ they had not weathered the 
Great Recession.  But Country Living had hung in there, 
getting thinner with time & becoming a sales catalogue more
than inspiration.  Add to the fact that their features are online...
just didn't seem a worthy investment anymore.

I will miss finding this old friend in my mailbox, but will visit with
her from time to time in the magazine section of the library.

My only current subscription is Midwest Living...and not quite
sure how long that relationship will last.

How about you, do you still get magazines in the mail?  


Prims By The Water said...

I gave up Country Living years ago. I missed Country Home too. Janice

NanaDiana said...

I hear you- The two you mentioned were also my biggest "losses" of magazines that went under.
I let Country Living go a long time ago after getting it from the day it started.
I only get two subscriptions anymore. xo Diana

Barb said...

Country Living has changed so much. I don't see much "country" there anymore. I let the subscription go many years ago. The British version is still lovely. My friend, who just moved from Missouri to Scotland, gave me several years worth to drool over. She gave me permission to dispose of them as I saw fit. (I may save those wonderfully colorful pages to make paper beads!

The only magazines I get now relate to my fiber passion: PLY, Spin-Off and Handwoven. The advertising that is there pertains to the craft.

I really hated PAYING for a magazine full of ads. That is why I stopped Country Living all those years ago. I still have several of my favorite issues that I just couldn't part know, the old ones that we loved.

Unknown said...

no more c.l for me for a long time country sampler and a primitive place are both great. passed by your place twice today waved both times. went to osseo to see hubbys sister in the nursing home. then went to weavers to stock up. have a sunny warm weekend. nancy

KayC. said...

I miss all of those, too. I was getting "Hobby Farm Home" which I looked forward to every other month but now they stopped publishing it. So sad!

Primitive Stars said...

Morning Kari, yes, so long old friend. I cancelled my subscription to Country living last Fall, was so disappointing. I use to love to curl up with a coffee and read this once great country magazine. Over the years it went down hill, will browse my old issues I guess.Blessings Francine.

donna baker said...

Yes, too many.

mary scott said...

My favorite was Country Home. I saved the best of those. I still get CL & HGTV mags. But our public library now has HGTV online free, so probably will not renew it this year. I HATE the mag companies sending so much junk mail trying to get us to renew at a price higher than the subscription cards inside the newsstand copies. I still enjoy about 30% of CL.

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